6 Reasons Why Kissing Is Important In A Relationship


Kissing plays a big role in affection and to some people, it’s the decider on whether they date you or not.

But what significance does it have in the overall success of the relationship? Here are some possibilities.

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To help you bond

According to research, kissing changes the levels of cortisol, which is a stress hormone. In a study that was done amongst couples, it shows that the more couples kiss, the longer they stay together as their stress levels get reduced each time.

To promote good health

During a heated and passionate kiss your body releases adrenaline, which is known for relieving the feeling of pain such as a headache.

To convey a message

Can we agree that a kiss on the forehead says ‘I’m attracted to you and I feel a deep connection to you’. So the next time you run out of ideas to show love and affection to your partner, just surprise him with a lovely kiss.

To use it as an escape

With the busy lives that most couples have, it’s easy to lose touch with each other. Dedicating time to kissing can help you regroup and get back in touch with your partner.

To seal an apology

Did you two leave the house mad at each other in the morning? After resolving the issue, nothing says ‘we’re good’ more than kiss.

It’s fun and free

Kissing doesn’t have to lead to sex, it’s fun and it’s a chance for you two to go crazy and explore each other. What’s fun about kissing is that there are no rules, you get to make your own. So if you like talking in between your kisses then do it, it’s what sets you apart from other couples.

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