Abusive crèches: Are you leaving your child in safe hands?

Ways to screen childcare facilities
Ways to screen childcare facilities

Every parent wants to be sure their child is well-taken care of while they are at work. And while finances determine the quality of childcare available to parents, finding the right place for your child is crucial.

A crèche or preschool plays a critical and vital role in the development of our children’s potential. Educational psychologist, Dr Joseph Seabi says, “A crèche should be structured to encourage cognitive, emotional, educational, and social development from early childhood.” This is why it’s important to ensure that we send our kids to safe, nurturing environments where their welfare, learning and protection are a priority.

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The recent viral video of a preschool teacher beating up a little girl for vomiting shows that some teachers are not fit to be in the positions they hold.

It’s a wakeup call to parents to not trust too easily, and to be meticulous in screening the places we send our little ones. It’s on us to check if teachers have no criminal records, are mentally stable and aren’t a danger to children.

Here’s how to effectively evaluate childcare facilities and what you should never, ever, compromise on.

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Verify that the preschool is registered with the departments of basic education, health and social services, and if they have a licence to operate. This ensures that it’s genuine and legitimate. “The registration implies that representatives from these departments can do spontaneous visits to inspect the facilities and make sure that they comply with the law,” Seabi explains. 

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