“All is fine, just a cut on my arm“– Bujy on his arrest and stabbing assault


This happened after a brawl, which resulted in Bujy stabbing his neighbours with a knife. The incident happened in Orange Farm, his home town.

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According to Sunday Sun, “a neighbour known only as Khumalo, his wife and his son-in-law confronted Mpumelelo while he was on his way to a nearby shop and accused him of looking at them “in a funny way”.

They then accused him and Bujy of being disrespectful and allegedly started sjamboking him.

It’s then that Mpumelelo took out his knife and when Bujy heard what was happening went to rescue his brother.

Khumalo’s wife then went back to the house to get a panga which was used on Bujy “accusing him of wanting to sleep with her man.”

Bujy’s neighbours are currently allegedly at the Sebokeng Hospital in critical condition.

Speaking to TRUE LOVE earlier, the former Cula Sibone presenter and YFM co-host explained how the brawl began:

“My brother was at the shops opposite our house buying cigarettes and the neighbour came into the shops and asked why is my brother giving him an ugly stare. And my brother responded by saying you are mad, why would I even look at you. Neighbour responded by saying I will show you what I do young boys like you. Then it began...”

When asked about the wound he says:“ All is fine just a cut on my arm, but all is fine.”

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