Are you obsessed with marriage?


Every other weekend your high school mates are getting married. This can make you question when your turn is coming. Here’s how to tell if you’re now marriage-obsessed.

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First date conversation

You have a good thing going with this amazing guy but you keep bombarding him with marriage talk. If you can’t carry a conversation without mentioning marriage then you could qualify as obsesssed.

Wedding theme on your social media profile

You end up doing research just in case the right guy comes and proposes right away. It’s okay to visualise your dream weddding but going to the extent of posting wedding ring pictures, dresses, and flowers is too much.

Paying for own lobola

Some couples share costs, and that’s okay. However paying your own lobola is pushing it. He might be using money as an excuse not to get tied down, but with you giving him the money he’ll have no exit strategy. It can backfire years or even months later when you’re stuck in a loveless marriage.

Jealous of your married friends

Thinking that marriage equals happiness can make you start resenting your married friends. You want the happiness you think they have. Making up stories about your friend’s partner just so their marriage can end is a sign of weakness and should not be done.

Taking it as a way out

Your living circumstanes may not be the greatest therefore you think marriage will bail you out. Rushing marriage can push away someone who could have potentially married you at the right time.

Falling for every guy who promises marriage

Honestly some guys use the ‘im gonna marry you’ phrase very lightly. Not being able to differentiate between the real thing and just a pass by will cause you unncessary heartaches.

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