Calexico invades Stanley Beer Yard


Situated in the heart of 44 Stanley Johannesburg, Calexico is the perfect Americana food and beer hangout spot.

The story behind the name

The inspiration behind the new and improved beer yard comes from a border city in California, Calexico.

What to expect from the tunes

In pure Stanley Beer Yard style, the music played is all about good vibes and great energy, all you need for the perfect weekend right? To top it off, the restaurant boasts a vinyl lounge where patrons can chose their preferred records throughout the day. Genius!

What’s on the menu?

Chef and food stylist Robyn Timson Moss is responsible for the new and improved menu at Calexico. Patrons get to enjoy delicates likes ribs, nachos, steak, signature cocktails and so much more.

The team at Calexico invited us to taste their menu and this is what they served:

All images: Cindy Ellis 

For more info visit Calexico on Twitter @calexicojhb, Facebook CalexicoJhb and Instagram @CalexicoJhb. 

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