Chemistry vs stability – which is better?


Often couples never know which is better and sometimes it’s the only thing stopping them from having a flourishing love life.


The pros for choosing chemistry

  • It leads to maximum sexual satisfaction
  • You’ll be happy for the most part of the relationship

The cons

  • It’s going to fade away at some point
  • It doesn’t guarantee marriage or a succesful relationship
  • You cant sustain a relationship only on chemistry
  • You’ll try by all means to avoid the ‘future’ talk because it isn’t so bright
  • You can have chemistry with the wrong person
  • It’s only good for a certain period of time

The pros for choosing stability

  • The future is secured
  • You can draw motivation from the relationship
  • You never feel uncomfortable, regarding finances, assets and investments.

The cons of choosing stability

  • Without chemistry, you have to work extra hard for the relationship to survive.
  • It creates a dependency, in a sense that the other partner will constantly feel like the other must provide for them.
  • You always worry about what’s going to happen should you wake up one day and he’s lost everything.
  • Less time for the relationship, as he’ll costantly be working. You can never have enough money right?
  • Less intimacy, if you manage to get any
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