Different relationship stages that couples go through


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The crushing stage

Crushes can be beautiful and daunting at the same time because you like this person and all you want to do is to spend every hour with them. This is the stage where you overlook each other’s flaws.

The fascination stage

This is the time to learn more about your partner, and what his interests are. At this stage you seem to ‘like’ everything he does. You find yourself watching a soccer match even though you aren’t a sports person.

The reality stage

Whether you like it or not, this stage will force itself into the relationship. Here, you have your first fight and it feels as though the world is ending. You realise that just like any other normal couple you’re bound to come across challenges.

The moulding stage

We all have an ideal image of the perfect partner and it’s quite rare that you’ll get someone who ticks all the boxes. This a tricky stage to be in because not everyone adapts well to change. Some relationships end during this stage.

The happy stage

You’ll only be in this stage if you survive the moulding stage. Almost, if not all the time, in this stage both of you feel like you’re the pefect match and you’ll probably end up married or engaged.

The ‘I know you’ stage

This is when you’ve got your partner figured out, you know his ways and aren’t caught by surprise anymore.

The doubting stage

It’s only natural that after being w together for many years, doubt starts creeping in. Some remember exes, start cheating and compare their relationship with others.

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