‘Exercising helped me deal with epilepsy’ – Amanda du-Pont


We caught up with the gorgeous actress during her workout workshop with adidas in Parktown, Joburg. She says keeping fit also helped her deal with her epilepsy.

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Tell us a bit about your fitness journey.

How my journey started, honestly, had nothing to do with body image. It was a health decision. I was epileptic and I didn’t want to live off medication for the rest of my life. It was embarrassing to have seizures in public, so I had a conversation with my doctor about taking a holistic approach; eating right and exercising. I was much bigger than I am now and hadn't exercised in a while. When I started exercising again, I stopped getting fits. I was finally free. I started changing, I was happier and it became addictive. Plus exercise for me keeps the stress at bay. Just a little exercise can get you feeling so much better and happier.

How did your partnership with adidas come about?

I always resonated with the brand. I was also a consumer, and they felt my journey resonated the everyday woman’s story. I don’t look like a body builder and for them I represent the average woman who is chasing after her dreams – making things happen at work, come home to cook for those she loves and still fit a workout in. I love women who follow me to catch my exercises.

Why do the exercise workshop with adidas?

I love doing charitable things on my birthday. I first started collecting clothing with my family and friends, then we did a cook-out for those in need. This year I decided to just give back with feel good vibes and help people connect with those feel good vibes through an exercise session.

What are you currently busy with?

I have a partnership with Sandton Auto BMW and I also have a partnership with Bell & Ross (a luxury watches brand) and obviously adidas. I have also recently shot a Nigerian film called 10 days in Sun City. It has already premiered in Nigeria, will also show in London, and is set to be released in SA at end of July. It was an amazing opportunity to work with other African actors.

I am also part of a series called Shadow, which is coming out next year. It’s going to be distributed by a Dutch distributor, so it'll be going all over the world. Of course I’m still playing Lelo on Skeem Saam, people love Lelo. I tried to leave, but even if I grow I know now I’ll always come back because it’s our black stories and I love being a part of the family.

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