Feeling sore after sex? Here’s what to do


People tend to leave out the bad details every time they talk about sex. Truth is, it’s not always so amaze! Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 12.55.40 PM Take a wee immediately after It may sting a bit, but urine is sterile and can help clear all the nasties down there, and prevent infection. Ditch tight clothes It only makes sense. If your vagina feels a bit tender, the last thing you want to do is have all those hard seams on pants and jeans rubbing against your stuff. A drop of tea tree oil No no no! Dear heavens! Do not ever dab neat undiluted tea tree oil on your vagina. If you’ve tried before, you know it stings like a mother***. You always have to dilute by a 100 to 1. So draw yourself a warm bath, add three drops of tea treat oil and enjoy. Try applying a compress A cold or hot compress can relieve pain. Dampen a towel with either hot or ice cold water and apply to the sore area. Leave for a few seconds and repeat. Be careful that the water is not scalding hot. Allow your vag to breathe After a bath or compress, give your vagina some space to breathe. Sit with your legs wide open with no underwear on, or lie back and open your legs. See a doctor When the pain does not go away after a while, and your urine burns, you may have a fissure, which can invite all sorts of bacteria into your body. See your doctor just to make sure everything is good.

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