Getting your groove back after a dry season


Regardless, it can seem a bit scary because, well, it’s been long and you don’t know what to expect.

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Safety alert

You can forget about all the positions but safety should be number one on your list. If you feel as though you’ve forgotten how to insert a condom, have a trial run with a cucumber. You don’t want to be caught off guard when you have put it on. Also stock up on your favourites and some lubricants to show him that you got this under control.

Body spring clean

Not to say you haven’t been taking care of yourself during this period but do a thorough clean up. Shave all areas, including legs. Make sure that your pH level is okay down there. Drink up on that pineapple and cranberry juice girl!

Room for mistakes

Stressing yourself about how you’re perfoming will not make things easy for you. Disclosing this is a personal choice but telling him will lift the weight from your shoulders. Allow yourself to make mistakes and be led. Sex is supposed to be fun so chances are you’ll be laughing about it afterwards.

Take control

We know it’s been a while but that shouldn’t make you forget what makes you hot. Lead him to where and how you want to be touched. Show him exactly what you want to get from this and once he masters that, relax and enjoy the joyride.

Have fun

If you think of it as something you haven’t done before then it will feel like that. Lighten up and shift your focus to receiving and giving great pleasure.

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