Guilt-free guideline to trim your wedding guest list


With the cost of living skyrocketing every other day, you can’t afford to cater for unnecessary guests at your wedding.

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Mom’s friend you don’t know

You’ve never seen this friend your mom keeps on insisting that you invite. Chances are she’s never even laid eyes on you so we see no reason in inviting her.

Distant relatives

Those relatives you don’t know you’re related to, and the last time you saw them was when you were 12. They send Christmas messages every other year and that’s it. Don’t even bother.

Friend of a friend

These are not really your friends but because you share mutual friends, you run in each other’s circles.

New plus-one’s

Your friend who recently met a guy that is clearly not there for the long haul – restict plus-one’s for guests in commited long-term relationships.

Your boss

This was a requirement for any wedding back in the day but luckily new brides don’t have to go through this anymore. Bosses already see enough of you at work, they’d rather do something else than come to your wedding.


If you don’t state on your invitation that no kids are allowed then brace yourself for accomodating 30 more people you didn’t budget for because eveyone will bring their kids.

People that you know

These are people you never call to check up on or colleagues that you bump into once in a while to share a joke. People you can’t call when in trouble or during sad moments, why share your happy day with them?

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