HAIR: Know Your Hair Curl Type


In order to grow a flourishing Afro or maintain healthy natural hair, it’s important to know what curl type you have. Here is a breakdown. Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 3.42.19 PM 3c This is one of the looser curls, it can be recognised with its corkscrew shape. To manipulate this curl, avoid using heat. Opt for twists, bantu knots or braids. To avoid unnecessary product build-up or weighing down the hair, shampoo and treat once a week with water-based products. 4a This curl pattern resembles the “s” shape. It usually retains hydration well but it can be prone to dryness. A wash-and-go regime works just fine, provided that you’re using the correct products. Your shampoo should be sulphate-free and your conditioner rich and creamy. 4b This curl is similar to a “z” and looks fuzzy and cottonball-ish. Because the curls are tightly packed, it’s more prone to breakage. It’s also very frustrating as it looks much shorter than it is. Protect your hair with braids, buns and twists. Stay away from heat manipulation as it’ll dry out the strands; use techniques like twists outs and use roller sets to stretch the hair. 4c It’s very similar to 4a and 4b as it’s also tightly curled. To give the hair more definition, you will have to twist or braid the hair. You will experience about 70% shrinkage; don’t get frustrated as your hair will always look shorter than it is. It needs the most TLC because out of the of the curl patterns it’s more sensitive.

See chart below:

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 3.57.11 PM

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