How to achieve & maintain Lerato Kganyago's new hairdo


We spoke to Celebrity Stylist Jawad who recently gave Lerato Kganyago's a fresh new look by cutting and styling her hair.  If you are inspired by her look and would like to short this winter, he has the following tips on how to keep your hair fresh and up to date.

  • Hairstyles are about making a statement ,this look is simple and sleek therefore can be worn all year round. However , it is mostly a summer look but if u want to look different in winter while everyone is doing winter styles (weaves & braids).
  • She chose this hairstyle which was inspired by Rihanna and her previous hairstyles.
  • This hairstyle can be maintained by moisturizing the hair and using bendy rollers at night to keep the curl revived.
  •  In winter lots of moisture works best - Apply in the morning and after because the air is dry therefore the hair becomes brittle.
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