How to better your relationship with your inlaws


What happens when you just can’t get along your man’s family? We have tips on how you can help yourself.

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Communicate with your partner

Ask your partner what to expect from their family and hope that he’s completely honest. Bear in mind that they’re also human and are bound to say things that might offend you without realising it. Have an open mind and try knowing them before judging.

Set boundaries

As Dr Phil suggests, “good fences make good neighbors”, so ensure that you put boundaries in place and you stick to them. This is vital in maintaining sanity and making the relationship friendlier. ‘No visits without notice’ and ‘no loans’ can be some of the boundaries you and your partner put in place.

Address matters directly

Did your sister-in-law offend you? Take it up with her directly and not with your spouse, this might force them to take sides and that would be unfair of you. Do this as soon as possible, the longer you leave the issue unaddressed the more it escalates into a bigger issue.

Respect their ways

Understand that families differ and so do their dynamics. You might find that their traditions and beliefs are different to yours, acknowledge them and inform them of yours without direspecting anyone.


Remember this is now your family, find a way to get along with them. The pressure and disagreements will get to you, take a breather and relax, we are all human; we won’t agree on everything. Dr Hansen, a clinical psychologist, who works with couples was qouted on World of Psychology, saying both parties need to put in the effort for the relationship to be enjoyable.

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