How to make friends in a new city


Communicate with co-workers

People are always willing to introduce newbies to the cool spots around town because it somehow makes them feel important. Use this to your advantage and don’t make it a secret that you’re new in town. Besides helping you get around, and having sundowners after work you might click with a few and make a few friends.

Then go for your neighbours

Before you go far by reaching out to the  community, start with your neighbors. When they’re struggling to carry their groceries into the house offer to assist. Alternatively if they have children, mention how cute they are, that’s always a great conversation starter. Before you know it you’ll be inviting each other over for coffee. 

Have a work out routine

If the above doesn’t work, try jogging around the same block at the same time each morning, it could score you fellow jogging partners and decide whether you want to be friends or not. Initiating a conversation with a person you see almost on a daily is much easier than approaching a complete stranger.

Join community groups

If your community has a Whatsapp or Facebook group request to be added on. This will be a great way for you to stay connected with your community and potentially make new friends.

And lastly open yourself up more

There only way people can be comfortable with approaching you is if you make it easier for them to warm up to you. Be polite and greet people, go to local festivals and accept their invites as well.

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