How to make your relationship last


Now you have found the man of your dreams, and may be a little worried about how long the relationship will last.  Though you both have to play your part to have a healthy long lasting relationship.



You won’t agree all the time and that’s why respect matters so much. When you disagree with your partner’s views and opinions; try to present yours in a way that won’t make him feel that you’re going against him. Men deserve to be respected as much as women and they appreciate a woman who shows respects.


This is an important in a relationship. You must be his number one fan in everything he does that will show him you believe in him and he has your full support. Men are wired to dream big, so when he shares with you his big dreams show support. Not that you can’t express your opinion, but show that you are there.


No matter how small it may seen, it could be a nice dinner every now and then or a mini break just for the two of you. Make sure you recognise his effort and thank him because that will mean so much to him. And he’ll also reciprocate.

Keep things fresh

Don’t make yourself too available for him give him space so that he’ll miss you. Make your dates his favourite time of the week. Something he has to look forward to, not something on his “to do” list. Try new things together because routine is a serious relationship killer trust me, you’ll don’t want to be bored in your relationship.


Intimacy is another important part of a relationship. Don’t let your intimate moments be ruled by routine. Surprise him once in a while with some role playing. Don’t forget that sex is supposed to be fun.

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