“I don’t feel like it’s my time yet” – Khanya Mkangisa on her thriving career


An actress on’s Harvest, YFM DJ and Selimathunzi presenter, Khanya Mkangisa chats about juggling all demanding gigs in her life.

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You’ve recently joined YFM, which is your first gig on radio. Are you enjoying it?

I knew I loved radio but was never brave enough to pursue it. Radio is very technical. Unlike TV, your personality has to be on point. It’s much harder but I’m enjoying it. I love a good challenge, just like Harvest where I act alongside Masasa Mbangeni and Vatiswa Ndara. I’ve been acting but just before I got into set and I knew I’d be acting together with them; I started asking myself at what point did I get to be alongside Masasa and Vatiswa? The awe was short-lived of course because I had to immediately pull up my socks and work that much harder.

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How did the collaboration come about with the station?

I’d always taken interest in radio and in 2016, I approached the station with a proposal for an entertainment slot within a show. I made a demo, which clearly impressed them as they asked me to co-host with DJ @Large on #Stoep99, which airs weekends 12 – 3pm.

What have you learnt since starring on Harvest?

I’ve not only learnt from Masasa and Vatiswa by listening to them but watching and observing the choices they make in their acting careers. Vatiswa is so much fun and playful off-character while Masasa is smart and embodies her character. So for me more than anything, learning from them is an experience on its own.

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You’re on YFM, Harvest and Selimatunzi; how do you juggle all three gigs?

It’s crazy! When we shot Harvest, I’d have 12-hour days on set and then radio got thrown in there and now I work seven days a week. I’ve always been one to take advantage of opportunities so I don’t mind.

With all these major gigs you’re doing, do you feel as though your career has taken a new lease?

I definitely don’t feel like it’s ‘my time’ yet; it’s never in my nature to feel like that. I’ve always wanted to work and feel everything I’ve done is happening in its own right time.

Any message to your fans?

Thank you for the support!

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