“I made a conscious decision to turn to God” – Thembisa Mdoda


The OPW presenter reveals how when she turned to God things started turning around for the better.

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Thembisa recently won a SAFTA as Best TV Presenter for Our Perfect Wedding and Mzansi Magic’s The Road which she starred in before it got canned. Things weren’t always this great, however, for the presenter.

Speaking to us at TRUE LOVE, the presenter spoke of her journey to success:

“Before I allowed myself to think, ‘why won’t they cast me. Why am I in this situation?’ I then stopped asking those questions and put everything onto God. I let it happen. I allowed things to happen the way they are supposed to happen and didn’t try to control or save them.”

She also spoke about how her mom’s passing affected her

“After my mom’s passing I realised I became very closed up and even with my performances and auditions I would always feel I did so well but then ask why they didn’t hire me until I realized that you can prepare all of the scripts in the world and learn all the lines and you can put any costume in the world but if you are not right within it will not transcend. When I made a conscious decision to turn to God, He turned it all around for me.”

Surrendering to God

“A friend asked me to come to church with her. Everything was just wrong in my life and I decided to go. This was at CFC Push Ministries and I’ve never looked back since. It was as if the preacher was preaching directly at me. My friend also taught me how to pray and how to speak from the heart with God. When I decided to open up that things started falling into place. When you’re holding on to so much that isn’t real – for example my grief for my mom and thinking I have to grieve until I’m ready to let go. I held on to mourning her as a crutch. I held on to my marriage knowing very well that it isn’t going well but I held on and tried to fix it. But when I allowed myself to let things happen on their own it’s then everything changed.”

How things quickly changed

When I made that decision, OPW immediately came into my life and also The Road. OPW came at the right time and has changed my life immensely. I’d auditioned for season five but got through to season six. The show has changed the way I relate to people and how I see love. It also changed my life in terms of time management – in organizing things and getting them in order.

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