Is he stringing you along?

Is he stringing you along?
Is he stringing you along?

Inconsistent communication

Communication is the cornerstone of any relationship, so analysing the way your partner communicates with you is a good start when trying to figure out if he is stringing you along. If your partner pulls disappearing acts and resurfaces, acting as if nothing happened, then maybe you’re in it alone. If he emerges from nowhere after days of silence, then just know that you’re being played.  The same goes for when you are the only one who initiates contact – a person who is serious about you will make you a priority, no matter how busy he is.

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Not equally invested

If you always get the “Let me get back to you” response, then chances are he is weighing out his options. He is probably checking if better plans won’t come along, or if his “first choice of woman” is not available on that day. Someone who won’t spare time to spend with you, isn’t really into you. Even if he may call or text every now and again, the most valuable thing someone can give you is their time. If he does not want to put in the effort of dating you, then don’t allow yourself to be his sounding board when he feels like it, because nothing will come out of it.

Also, a relationship is give-and-take. Both parties need to put in the work, so if you’re feeling like you’re the only one who’s putting in the effort, you might as well be single. Stop texting/calling first, and see how dead a plant it was that you’ve been watering.

Commitment “phobia”

Some men are honest enough to tell you from the get-go that they aren’t looking for a relationship, but some don’t mind stringing you along for as long as they can. The classic tale of not being into “labels” is one we’ve all heard. If you’ve made it clear to the guy that you are looking for a serious relationship, and he responds with excuses of how “he’s not ready”, cut your losses and let it go. If he can get the benefits of being in a relationship without fully committing, then he will. So it’s up to you really, because the chances of him changing and suddenly wanting to commit after months of ”just hanging out”, is very unlikely.

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Emotionally unavailable

When your partner becomes awkward or deflects when you give them a compliment, this is them avoiding a moment of intimacy with you.  Also, using emotional unavailability as an excuse is them making it seem okay for you to do what you want, romantically or sexually with other people, so they can do the same with others. Also, do not be fooled when he only becomes attentive when other men give you attention. This is just him making sure that the woman he texts for an ego boosts is not taken away from him.

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