Kgomotso Christopher talks Scandal!


Kgomotso Christopher has been sizzling as Yvone Thembe on etv’s Scandal! The actress talks to us about her role and the difference between Isidingo and Scandal!

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When did you decide to join Scandal!?

After deciding to leave Isidingo in 2015 in order to give myself a chance to pursue new roles and shows, I received a call informing me of a new female role on Scandal! This was in April 2016, a few weeks after making my final screen appearance on Isidingo. I was definitely excited to hear about the prospect of working with a new team, but had a lot to consider as I was about to start filming a 26-part drama series. I had another separate offer to shoot a series, which was also starting to film in April. Ultimately, I decided to pursue the Scandal! option. I auditioned, had a screen test and had discussions with the creative and executive producer about their vision of the character. I was excited to go for a role that would be totally different to the character most people recognised me for.

How did you feel about the move from SABC to etv?

My first major role was on etv’s 4play:Sex Tips for Girls, so it’s more like a homecoming! The opportunity to work on another channel and on a different show is a very positive development for my career. It will expose me to a wider audience and be a chance to grow my professional network across a variety of local channels.

Please tell us more about your role.

Yvonne Thebe is the ex-wife to Hector Thebe and long estranged mother to Naledi Thebe, who’s played by Dineo Moeketsi. Central to Yvonne’s motivations is the hustle! She’s a gambler both because she enjoys the thrill it gives her and for financial gain. She thrives on living the high life, mainly through the trail of male victims she has always drawn into her life. She is extremely independent and unattached...preferring to live a life without commitment to anybody or anything. Yvonne is a con artist who will play any part to get what she wants. Right now she is playing the wounded and regretful mother in order to secure the sympathy and trust of her daughter.

How is it different from your previous role on Isidingo?

It’s so deliciously different from my role on Isidingo and I’m so thrilled about the opportunity and challenge to create a brand new character that viewers and I will get to discover. Yvonne is pitched as a much older character to the role I played on Isidingo. While both characters were always older in character age than my real age, Yvonne naturally with a child of Naledi’s age, is quite mature. This means the wardrobe of characters is also very different. Choice of make-up is also for the purposes of aging me as an actress as I am much younger than the character. Whilst Katlego was always in figure hugging, sexy numbers, Yvonne’s wardrobe is feminine, opulent and tastefully sexy and very mature. Their psyche is also very different, as much as my role on Isidingo was pitched as a Lady Macbeth archetype, viewers mainly got to know her as a sassy, no-nonsense woman, notorious for her sharp tongue and not mincing her words. Yvonne on the other hand is a strategist, a con artist who sometimes plays innocent in order to con her victim. Yvonne also has no longing to have family and nurture any relationships...she is a solo operator who draws people into her circle for her own gains. Katlego had a soft spot for many men, at heart.

What can we expect from your role in the coming weeks?

Viewers can expect to see Yvonne and Naledi getting closer, but also Yvonne will slowly let her guard down the more and more comfortable she gets. This will then allow viewers to slowly see who Yvonne really is.

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