Khloe Kardashian credits avocados for helping maintain flat stomach


The 32-year-old reality star has dramatically slimmed down over the last few years, working hard in the gym and eating well to main her enviable physique.

In a new post about foods which can help flatten the belly on her blog Khloe With A K, Khloe shared some of the secrets behind her washboard abs.

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"There's nothing more frustrating than having all your fitness and diet efforts sabotaged by BLOAT. Those baby abs will never see the light of day if they're hidden behind water retention, honey!" she introduced the piece, beginning with the superfood used in guacamole.

"This super popular fruit (yep, NOT vegetable) is loaded with potassium, which is a key player in ridding your body of excess sodium and, therefore, dreaded water weight. Avocados are also high in soluble fibre and healthy fats, which help us feel fuller on smaller portions."

Moving onto ginger, Khloe cited the root as "the oldest known natural belly cures", praising its ability to break down protein and speed up digestion. Other foods that made the cut include tomatoes, oats, and watermelon.

Khloe isn't just a diet expert - she's a successful designer too and recently unrevealed her new line of sexy bodysuits under her brand Good American. The label strives to cater to women of all sizes, with the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star sharing various photos of fans wearing her new designs on Twitter.

She poses in them herself for the campaign, with one sultry snap uploaded on Instagram.

"I've been keeping this a secret for almost a year and I am so excited to share that our @goodamericancollection of bodysuits, GOOD BODY, is launching THIS THURSDAY at 9am PST!" she gushed in the caption. "You guys know I'm obsessed with bodysuits, and I wanted to give you all something that is a natural fit for GA, and like all of our products, designed to fit your body! I'm so incredibly blown away that I'm able to be living this dream! Love your curves, ladies!! Love your body! Love yourselves! And most importantly, let's continue to empower one another!"

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