Living on the edge


Weak hairlines and depleted edges are the number one hair concern highlighted by TL readers. Well, when it comes to growing back your hairline, there’s good news and bad news. Not all hairline emergencies are created equal.

Good news: if you have super short hair around your hairline, or a little peach fuzz, you can definitely grow back your hairline.

Bad news: if you are bald or have a smooth surface around your hairline, then you might have irreversible damage.

Three steps to getting back your hairline: 

1. Relieve the stress on your hairline. You cannot change your hair health without changing your behaviour. Adding extensions to your compromised hairline will only make the damage worse.

2. Dry hair breaks. It’s time to amp up the moisture – add water to your hair routine, deep condition your hair often and use light protein treatments.

3. Oil overload. Applying castor oil to your hairline has been shown to work for some. Massage pure castor oil into your scalp every evening before bed – the vitamin E does wonders for your hair health.

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