Petty relationship problems caused by social media


Something as petty as a ‘like’ can ruin a relationship. These are some of the things that can lead to a fight between the two of you.

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Vague status updates

Like it or not but every little thing that you post on social media is seen by your followers, your man included. Something as small as saying you had a good day at work could make your partner think there’s someone besides himself making you happy.

Revisiting the ex’s profile

Remaining friends with ex’s on social media can make you so curious that end up revisiting his profile. This is a wrong move as it might be percieved as if you’re still stuck in the past.

Checking in

With the advance of the digital age, lying about your whereabouts can backfire if you forget to switch off your location. Another issue is when your friends decide you to tag you on pictures of you having a joll whilst you were supposedly ‘home’ on that night.

The comment section

Social media friends can sometimes be inappropriate with flirty comments, particularly those of the opposite sex. A build up of these kind of fights can result in a break-up.

Too much privacy

Keeping a relationship private is always a good idea, however when one of you is rather too private than the other it raises suspicion.

Attention seeking posts

Being up to date with social media trends whilst your man isn’t can be a challenge because on one hand you want to uphold your social status and on the other, he really doesn’t care much about trends such as woman crush Wednesday’s.

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