Quick and easy seafood paella


Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 3.59.13 PM Serves 4? INGREDIENTS 1 tbsp oil? 1 onion, finely chopped? 2 tsp garlic, crushed? 2 tsp ginger? 800g mixed seafood:?crab sticks, calamari? rings, mussels ?200g hake, cubed? 200g prawns? 1 tbsp medium curry powder ?1 cup long-grain rice? 2 tbsp All Gold tomato paste? 1 can All Gold tomatoes, chopped? 60ml Mrs Ball's Jalapeno Chutney 4 cups chicken stock? 1/2 cup dry white wine? 1 cup frozen peas, defrosted Salt and pepper METHOD 1. Heat oil in a saucepan and sauté onion, garlic and ginger. Add seafood mixture, hake and prawns and cook for 7 minutes. 2. Add curry powder and rice, and stir until rice is coated. Add tomato paste, tomatoes and Mrs Ball's Jalapeño Chutney and cook for 2 minutes. ?3. Stir in stock and wine a little at a time until all liquid has been added and absorbed. ? 4. Add peas and season with salt and pepper. Serve.  

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