Reasons why you shouldn’t be scared of turning 30


You’ve grown in your career

Take a moment to think back to your first job after graduating. Chances are, you didn’t know what you were doing and were just winging it. Fast forward to a few years later, you’re the one teaching the young ones the ropes. In one way or the other you’ve made an impact in your career and fellow industry colleagues respect you and your work.

You know your body

It's in our twenties that most of us start becoming body conscious and with time and experience we learn to love our bodies. We learn to take care of ourselves. By the time you reach your thirties you’ve gone through a roller coaster of emotions regarding your body, so much so that nobody can now use your weight or figure against you to shame you.

You’ve made peace with your relationship status

Pressure to be in a relationship usually bothers many in their mid twenties. The beauty about maturity is not rushing or competing to have someone in your life just for the sake of it. Now you embrace your single status and are able to decide whether marriage and family life are meant for you or not.

You know who your real friends are

Gone are the days when you stayed in toxic friendships and believing everyone you know is your friend. You’ve been hurt and backstabbed enough to know when to draw the line between acquaintances and real friends. At 30, you engage with people in the same line of thought and those that add value to your life.

Saturday nights are more peaceful

Remember when you felt the need to attend every party around town because you didn’t want to miss out? Now this is the least of your worries. Saturday nights are about comfortable clothes and watching your favorite TV shows or reading books which is way easier than going out. You don’t have to give up partying completely but you can be selective. 

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