Signs he’s about to ghost you


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He always ‘misses’ your calls

He convenientely forgets that you texted or called him, hence he never bothers to come back to you. You talk to him on his terms, basically you operate on a ‘don’t call me, I’ll call you’ basis.

All forms of communication don’t work for him

He’s not comfortable with either Twitter, calls, Instagram, or email. It’s not that he’s bad at communicating, he just doesn’t want to commit to one form of communication in case he gets tired of you.

Your conversations are short

Before everything was all good and you could talk on the phone for hours on end. Now when you talk, that’s if you even get the chance to talk, your conversations are always brief. It’s either he’s always busy or promising to call you back and you know he wont.

He says he doesn’t like drama

Often men who use this line are those who aren’t big on commitments and confrontations. When bringing up a serious issue, he always refers back to when he told you he doesn’t like drama. Him not liking drama means don’t ask him his whereabouts.

He’s blocked you from his accounts

You can’t seem to access him anywhere but he has social media accounts. Not only is he avoiding you but he’s stopping you from getting to him.

He’s always too busy

When you two started out, you kept him busy, now that there’s another woman in the picture, she’s occupying him too.

What to do

Experts advise that you don’t chase after him, chances are you two weren’t going to last anyway. Remove yourself from a relationship that isn’t going to benefit you in any way.

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