Space saving tips when packing for the holidays

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Now, if only you could get what you wanted to pack into your suitcase without needing to hire a second car. 

“When going on holiday, we tend to over-pack and have our suitcases bursting at the seams,” says Sarah Webb, brand manager for fabric softener brand, Personal Touch. “We pack for any occasion that may arise, but tend to only wear a quarter of the clothes we bring. Making a list is the first step in packing smart,”

Packing smart is important over the holiday season, especially if you are packing for the entire family, or flying where a weight limit is enforced. Webb gives the following space saver tips when packing for the holidays:

  • Put smaller items such as your socks into your shoes; this is a great space saver and allows extra space for another “essential” item. You can also use hats to store smaller items.
  • Roll your clothes to create more space in your bag and eliminate unnecessary creasing. No one wants to be standing and ironing while on holiday!
  • Keep your clothes smelling fresh by placing a Personal Touch refill into your suitcase. This stops your clothes from smelling musky when you unpack.
  • If you are going on holiday for a week, you don’t need to pack the whole bottle of shampoo. Buy smaller plastic containers and fill them up with how much you are going to need for your time away. This can be done for many of your toiletries, and it saves loads of space.
  • Fill up all the available space in your suitcase. Make sure you pack from corner to corner, and don’t leave any empty areas.
  • Make use of freezer bags that “zip” close. You can put smaller items that tend to go astray in your suitcase such as phone chargers, hair brushes etc into these.

By packing smarter you will be surprised how much more you will be able to get into your suitcase, and how much more you will be able to take on holiday!

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