Table etiquette that you must practice at Christmas lunch


Napkins to your lap

Remember Christmas lunch is never ordinary, hosts always cook up a feast for their guests to indulge in. So that’s where your napkin will come in handy. Moreover, Christmas is the perfect day to rock your favourite dress and you don’t want to risk spilling that chocolate desert all over it right?

Wait for the go ahead

Dipping your hand tasting the food before you are told to do so is rude and should be avoided at all times. Once everyone has settled in their seat, wait for the host to give you the go ahead and that’s where you’ll start dish up. Host’s have a different way of doing things, just make sure you follow their lead.

Work your way in

Knowing which cutlery to use for a particular course can be quite tricky for some. Hence author of A traveler’s passport to etiquette Liza Mirza Grotts advise that you use the ‘outside in’ method. That way each set of cutlery of will go with each plate or bowl you use to eat from.

Practice beforehand

Experts advice that if you’re unsure of your table manners it’s best you practice before hand. The easiest way to do this is to eat in front of a mirror, that way you can be your biggest critic. You’ll know when you’re making a mess and where to improve. Whatever happens ensure that you don’t bring unnecessary attention to yourself by breaking the standard rules; being not speaking with a full mouth or adding salt and pepper before tasting your food.

After meals

Your hosts should signal to the guests that what you’ve eaten was the last course so wait before standing up to dance away. Christmas is the time to be jolly and happy so avoid leaving immediately after eating. Stick around for a few hours and mingle with everyone else invited.

The next day

It’s always ideal to send the host a thank you note later on in the day or a day after just as a token of appreciation.

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