Thandie Newton: 'I'm out for Hollywood over sexual abuse coverups'


miss Newton

The Crash actress revealed in July (16) she was abused by a director who put a camera between her legs during an audition, and she later found out he had been playing the tape at private parties. This isn't Thandie's only experience either - she was once told by a director he would film above her bare breasts, but he lied, and she also suffered "serious sexual abuse" with an ex-lover.

The 43-year-old was told by a publicist to stop talking about abuse, and she claims Hollywood covers these incidents up, but being encouraged to be silent just made her more determined to speak about the issue - even if it loses her friends.

“Here’s the thing. I am so grateful for all that: ‘Zip it, Thandie! Zip it! Zip it!’ Because it made me more angry, made me want to talk more," she tells the Guardian newspaper.

She adds she could take the audition director to court but she's focused on the bigger picture. She explains, "You know, maybe that will happen. But he’s one person. I’m out for the whole f**king industry. I go for big. I’m not small. I’m vast.”

Thandie believes she can "get" them back by speaking about it "and sometimes it p**ses people off and they disinvite me from their lives. But I would rather lose friends for that one seed of doubt that might be in their minds.”

She has lost work too, so she was amazed when she was offered one of the leads in upcoming TV series Westworld, which premieres in October (16).

Thandie admitted during the interview that in the Hollywood industry "there’s more infrastructure to cover up than there is to protect" and she was made feel like she had to tolerate this unacceptable behaviour if she wanted to get work.

The issue, among others such as racism, makes her constantly furious, she wakes up angry, and she believes this is the reason she was recently diagnosed with endometriosis, adding, “And I really do think it was (down to) fury.”

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