Tips for staying alert at the wheel this holiday season


Road accident statistics are scary at the best of times, never mind during the end of the year festive season.  This December will once again see thousands of South Africans on the roads as they head off on exciting holidays, family reunions and celebrations.  Turbovite®, brand custodian, Christa van Wyk says that staying alert during these long road trips is paramount to the safety of drivers, passengers and other road users.

Van Wyk provides five easy tips for helping drivers to stay alert and safe this holiday season:

  • Ensure that you get a good night’s sleep before the drive – at least seven to eight hours is recommended.
  • Taking a body and mind energy booster will help to keep you alert.  A supplement such as Turbovite® Blast, that contains caffeine, ginkobilobaand B-vitamins can assist with physical energy and increased mental concentration.
  • Travelling with a passenger who can share the driving is ideal.  Drive in 2-hour shifts, allowing one another a power nap or time to relax – driving long distances can be extremely stressful and requires long periods of concentration.
  • Play mental games with your passengers (as long as they are not distracting), listening to music on the radio or talking books can all help in keeping you alert.
  • Stop often!  Take time to stretch your legs, relax and sleep if you need to.  Listen to your body! It will let you know when you need to do this.

Staying alert is a problem for many drivers says van Wyk even more so during the holiday period.  Often drivers arrive home after a long day at the office, pack for their road trip and are back in the car without considering whether they are mentally and physically fit to be embarking on a long-haul drive.

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