Tips to make your weave look natural and flawless


The purpose of hair extensions and weaves is to create an illusion that the particular hairpiece is growing directly out of your scalp. Time and time again we fail to create this illusion here at home in South Africa. Too many of us have been caught out with hair that does not move, match our hair color or texture for that matter. It’s a dead giveaway that we are wearing fake hair, and that takes all the fun out of the experience. Hair expert Kavuli Nyali shares top tips on how you can make your weave look natural. 1. Get Rid Of The Shine Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 12.20.04 PM Most Afro-textured hair doesn’t have a high sheen to it naturally; so picking a hair extension that is glossier than your own hair can give the secret away immediately. Take time to match your potential hairpiece to your natural hair sheen in order to guarantee a flawless finish. If adding a light serum to your natural hair does not help to match the sheen of the hairpiece, please choose a different extension. Otherwise, there are products on the market that your hair extension can be treated with in order to remove an unnatural shine. 2. Blend Hair Color Portrait of a Woman Brushing her Hair How many times have you seen a woman wearing a beautiful hairpiece, but her hair is clearly brown and the hairpiece is an undeniable dark jet black? Disaster! You have a few options here when it comes to this problem. · Find an extension that matches your hair color perfectly. · Dye the hairpiece to match your natural hair color. · Dye your own hair to match the hairpiece. This should be the very last resort in order to prevent unnecessary damage to your natural hair. 3. Match Hair Texture Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 4.08.46 PM If you are only interested in wearing a full head of weave, the following tips will not apply to you at all. If you are like a few women that prefer to leave a bit of hair out in the front and around the perimeter of the head in order to create that natural look, these tips might help you tremendously. · If your hair is chemically relaxed, choose a hair extension that blends in with your relaxed hair texture. It’s imperative that it is not straighter than the chemically processed hair on your head. · If your hair is natural, choose a hair extension that blends with little to no manipulation of your own natural hair. So don’t choose a loose natural curl if your hair does not mimic this curl pattern. By Kavuli Nyali of Good hair diaries.

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