Travel destinations for every stage of your life


We’ve compiled trips for every stage of your life to help you find the one that feels just right.

Your carefree 20s

At this point in your life you’re making your way in the world, meeting new people, trying new things, seeing all there is to see. Now is the time to save as much as possible and then take an extended working holiday or gap year somewhere, if that’s your vibe. Consider a ski season in North America, teaching English in Hong Kong, or volunteering at one of the many needy organisations in South Africa. There are many work abroad options through reputable companies like STA Travel.

Take a look at South African Volunteers based on the Wild Coast in the Eastern Cape, who do amazing work in various projects in the community. You may also consider exciting party destinations like Ibiza or joining an organized tour like Contiki, where you’ll meet great people from all around the world. As money may be tight, it’s also a good idea to look at any discounts you can arrange on flights or accommodation, such as those provided by companies like Fedhealth and their rewards program Sanlam Reality.

Your busy 30s

By now you may have a more established career and possibly a partner or family. Travel for longer periods of time may be harder, but not impossible (you could still arrange sabbaticals at work, or take a longer holiday if you work for yourself). It’s likely you’ll have more established likes and dislikes, i.e you know you favour cultural hubs like Budapest or Bali, and are simply not a fan of party destinations that don’t offer much else. Got young kids? You may consider a family friendly destination like Mauritius, where the kids are well entertained during the day, and you can spend time relaxing. Whatever form your holiday takes, planning more carefully at this stage of your life will pay dividends in terms of the enjoyment you get out of your trip.

Your fabulous 40s and 50s

Your job may be more stressful, as you take on increased responsibilities – so you need this holiday more than ever! By now you may also own your own home, and if you’re older, the kids may be leaving the nest. An exciting option to consider is house swapping, where you effectively swap your home with someone else’s across the globe, even if it’s for a short period of time. Home Exchanges claims to offer access to 65 000 homes across 150 countries! Imagine spending the summer at a small seaside cottage in Brittany (France), or enjoying a white Christmas in the heart of New York, in a swanky apartment?

Your sassy 60s and 70s

Getting older doesn’t mean you have to sit at home and wait for life to happen to you – no, it actually means you have more time to go out and seek adventure yourself! After all, traveling keeps you young at heart and keeps you physically active, making it even more important to keep doing it.  

Australia has so much to offer visitors, from snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef, to exploring the majesty of Ayers Rock.

Travel broadens your horizons, expands your knowledge and helps you gain perspective of your place in the world. Doing it at every age can only enrich your life, and add to your happiness. So, think about where you’ve always wanted to go, and get planning!

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