WEDDING SEASON: Five things to consider when choosing your wedding menu

Things to consider when drawing up a menu for your wedding
Things to consider when drawing up a menu for your wedding

1. Budget

This is very important because it will determine what your guests will be having on that day. To ensure that you don’t stretch your budget too much, don’t go crazy on your menu. Instead of having three types of meat, have two. If you’re working on a tight budget, rather have a two-course meal. Leave out the starters and only serve the main meal plus dessert. 

2. Weather

Temperature affects food. Some food goes off too quickly if it’s hot. Take that into consideration when drawing up your menu. Also serve food according to the season (for example, no one wants to eat soup as a starter in the middle of summer).

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3. Venue

Does the venue allow you to use your own caterers? This is important because, if not, this means that you might have to use the venue’s menu, which may be something you didn’t really want. The venue’s kitchen may also not be big enough to allow you to bring in outside caterers.

4. Guests

Make sure you cater for all your guests. Get your portions right to ensure that everyone is served. Make extras for those who want seconds or those who didn’t RSVP. In some instances, you may find that you’re catering for a more elderly crowd. Majority of them wouldn’t appreciate sushi or other fancy food. Accommodate them by having something they’ll enjoy.

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5. Dietary requirements

Many people tend to forget this important aspect. Find out if you have any vegans on your guest list so that you can cater for them. Put up a menu so that your guests know what they’re eating in case they are allergic to something. If there are any foreign ingredients or nuts (which most people are allergic to), put it on the menu.

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