What to do if he won’t go down on you


Does the give and receive rule apply to your relationship?

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Get to the bottom of the problem

Before you get angry and jump off the bed, rather ask him what the problem is. He could have no reason at all or he’s just had bad experience in the past.

Is the problem with you or him?

Don’t be nasty and make him go down on you knowing you’re not at your most cleanest and freshest state. A bushy and foul smelling vagina is a turn off so do your part by keeping it clean.

Educate him

Honestly some men really don’t understand the need for oral sex. That’s where you come in, let him know why it’s important to you and show him how to go about doing it. Use a peach as a prop, he’ll get the gist of it very fast.

Put the blow jobs on hold

Okay, this shouldn’t be the first step you take, but if he blatantly refuses to tell you what the problem is then by all means stop with the blow jobs as well. If you want to be even more extreme, deny him sex for as long as possible. This should trigger some reaction from him.

Move on

Some people can live with not receiving any oral but if this a deal breaker for you then move on and find a guy that will satisfy your needs. You’re probably going to pick this up in the early stages of your relationship before you get too attached.

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