Why you shouldn’t worry about his ex


No, it’s not just you. At some point women get jealous over their partner’s ex and it’s totally normal, but it can consume you and the relationship.

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Here’s why you need to let by gones be by gones:

You’ve also got a past

As much you overthink about his past he’s probably doing the same about yours. Yes he loved other people before you and so did you right? Why not invest that time in building your relationship and stop worrying about the past.

He’s with you,not her

He chose to be with you not her, and that alone says a lot about him. He’s done with the past and there’s a reason why he ended up with you.

You’re exposing your insecurities

If he hasn’t given you reason to be suspicious of him then there really is no need. Confidence looks good on you so go on and trust your man.

You’re showing lack of trust

By you constantly questioning him about his ex is proving your lack of trust in him. Trust is the foundation of a strong relationship and without that you two aren’t going anywhere.

She’s probably forgotten about him

Not all exes are out to ruin people’s relationships. Your man moved on right? She probably has as well. For all you know the relationship ended on a very bad note and she wants to do nothing with him.

You’re over analysing things

Second guessing your man’s every move will not end well. It can lead to paranoia. Instead of seeing things that aren’t there, give him the benefit of the boubt and believe him when he says he’s it’s over between them.

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