Why cohabitation shouldn’t be taboo


However we believe it has some benefits and should be considered acceptable, because well marriage isn't for everyone.

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Spend more time together

If marriage is the end goal, then you will need to spend time together in order to know if you can actually stand waking up next to this person. Are you comfortable with them seeing you in the most bare state, and can you live with their habits? This will also help you figure out ways to have ‘me time’ without rejecting your partner.

Manage finances better

Living together means sharing costs for the household – you can come up with a system that’s effective using both your salaries. We see this as great practice because money talks are usually very awkward between couples, so the sooner you get it out of the way the better for your relationship or marriage.

Cost effective

Times are hard and people are always looking for ways to save money. Moving in with your partner can help with this as you can go 50/50 on things like rent, groceries, and petrol. You won’t have to travel far too see him, they’ll be right there with you whenever you want to see them, even when you don’t feel like it.

Learn to share responsibilities

Relationships, particularly new one’s, tend to make us see our partners as these perfect humans, however living together lets you see the real person, their slopiness and all. Cohabitating allows you to introduce man to sharing chores, you being there doesn’t mean he’s duty free. Gone are the days where a woman’s place was in the kitchen, both you and him are now career driven so living together will help the both of you find a balance between your careers and your home.

It’s a great test

You don’t want to find out that your partner isn’t exactly what you’re looking for when you’ve already made it official by marrying them, rather find out now than later. This will save you lots of court time and lawyer fees. If the guy turns out to be a complete opposite of what you thought, then one of you moves out,easy!

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