How to apply mascara like a professional

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Image: Getty Images

So, what is the best way to apply mascara? Each make-up artist will develop their own technique over time, but most beauty experts agree that to get perfect lashes, it is a good idea to apply the mascara from the root outwards and work the wand to the tips using a zig zag motion.

“The zig zag motion will not only help build the product, but it will also stop the lashes from sticking together,” says make-up artist Natalie Wright. “And don’t fear curlers! Curlers are by far the best way to achieve sky high lashes.”

Curling the lashes with lots of mascara helps to widen the eyes, though your eye shape can also be considered when picking out suitable products. Celebrity make-up artist Francesca Neil recommends that those with bigger eyes seek out a brush that can support the eyelid and add volume and intensity to the lashes, whereas people with smaller or hooded eyes would need a much thinner brush to pick out and lengthen each individual lash for definition.

“For a maximum false lash effect, I would start off with lash curlers. Heating them up with a hair dryer is a really good tip, as it gives a great heated curl effect on the lashes that stays. I would then coat the lashes with a lash primer before going in with a mascara, applying in a zig zag motion to coat every single lash, before waiting a minute and then applying a second coat to thicken and add extra definition for a false lash effect,” shared Francesca.

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