'My everything and more' - 10 times Black men loved their partners out loud

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Liesl Laurie-Mthombeni and her husband, Dr Musa Mthombeni.
Liesl Laurie-Mthombeni and her husband, Dr Musa Mthombeni.
  • Social media users went awry when Dr Musa Mthombeni expressed his love for his wife in the comments of her Instagram picture, as he usually does.
  • This is not the first time people have had a problem with a Black man loving his wife out loud.
  • From soccer star Itumeleng Khune to musician Kwesta, here are 10 other men who continue to express their affection for their partners.

TV Personality and medical doctor Dr Musa Mthombeni has, once again, gone viral for loving his wife ‘too much’.

Ever since Dr Musa started being public with his relationship, particularly after he got married to former Miss South Africa and radio personality Liesl Laurie-Mthombeni, he has been expressing his love for her online in a way that seems to make some social media users uncomfortable.

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When the former Trending SA presenter became a trending topic once again for his very public display of affection for his wife in the comments section of her Instagram post, some people started saying udlisiwe (he’s been given a love potion. While others say he behaves the way he does because he’s ‘bagged his first baddie’ - alluding to the fact that Liesl is the first beautiful woman Dr Musa has ever partnered.

"Make me a father!", "Take my payslip! It’s yours!" "Take all my cards. Even the overdrawn ones!" - these are some of the doctor's comments under Liesl's post (which can be seen below) that had social media users talking.

Liesl Laurie-Mthombeni
Liesl Laurie-Mthombeni

In the U.S., footballer Russell Wilson has received similar backlash for loving musician Ciara ‘out loud’ by gushing over her, spoiling her and treating her like a queen. Social media users in the U.S. also found Russell’s public displays of his affection for his wife to be uncomfortable, with some referring to him as a ‘simp’.

It is obviously not a new phenomenon to have women be accused of bewitching men into loving them when said men start expressing their love outright or doing things that are a clear display of how they feel about their partners - tangible or otherwise. It is in fact, an age-old rumour that dates back to our grannies and their grannies’ times.

Though very unfortunate that this is still how many Black people feel about good-old public displays of affection, there are more Black South African men who are breaking the stereotype that loving their wives and partners out loud is corny or unusual.

We've listed 10 celebrity men who have unabashedly declared their love and affection for their wives:

1. Dr Musa Mthombeni to Liesl Laurie-Mthombeni

"One year later and my heart still pumps homemade, thick and lumpy custard when I see you. My everything and more. The diastole to my systole! The beta blocker to my SVT. My Christina Yang ?? Ngithandiwe"

black men, black love south africa, celebrities
Dr. Musa and Liesl.

2. Brenden Praise to Mpoomy Ledwaba 

"I’ve come to realize that time isn’t constant, some times it feels longer than others, in moments that take our breath away we feel time moves too quickly, in moments of pain it never seems to end. My time spent with you has been the best use of my life, and these past 5 years have felt like time has flown by, but only because you’ve constantly taken my breath away, and all I ask for is as much time with you as humanly possible, I love Mrs Ledwaba. Happy 5 years anniversary"

black men, black love south africa, celebrities
Mpoomy and Brenden.

3. Priddy Ugly to Bontle Modiselle

"I Wish You All A Forever Friendship"

black men, black love south africa, celebrities
Bontle Modiselle and Priddy Ugly.

4. Murdah Bongz to DJ Zinhle

"ish no words can describe what you mean to me. I never in my life would have thought I would be the happiest man alive. I really appreciate the mother you are to our children and the life partner you are to me. Working under your guidance is a blessing I wake up every morning to be a better version of myself to you and our children , you inspire me to do my best madam" Thank you for everything Happy Birthday to you I wish you more blessings and may God Bless you with your hearts desires. I love you

black men, black love south africa, celebrities
DJ Zinhle and Murda Bongz.

5. Itumeleng Khune to Siphelele Khune

"Your smile brightens each day and makes it better than the last. Happy Mother’s Day WIFEY."

black men, black love south africa, celebrities
Itumeleng Khune and Siphelele.

6. TT Mbha to Esperanca Mbha

"We've been married for 10 years and yet our weekly date nights never get compromised no matter how busy our lives get, coz we consciously choose to keep our marriage fire burning sihlebe without any distractions especially from the @mbhasisters but the elephant in the room is who is gonna pay the bill"

black men, black love south africa, celebrities
TT and Esperanca.

7. Yonda Thomas to Dr Taz Emeran-Thomas

"I have no words for how beautiful & awesome she looks in this image, just pure power."

black men, black love south africa, celebrities
Yonda Thomas and Dr. Taz.

8. Kwesta to Yolanda

black men, black love south africa, celebrities
Kwesta and Yolanda.
“Until ngilala ngoxolo kwamele silale ndawonye”[email protected]

9. Siya to Rachel Kolisi

"Happy 5 years Mariri, thank for all the memories! Love you"
black men, black love south africa, celebrities
Siya and Rachel Kolisi.

10. Ze Nxumalo to Dr Tamaryn Green Nxumalo

"As we celebrate you today, I feel as if I’m the one that must celebrate having you in my life. You bring more joy and happiness to me than I’ve ever dreamt of. Happy birthday, I love you"
black men, black love south africa, celebrities
Ze and Tamryn.

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