WIN with Rhodes Quality

WIN with Rhodes Quality
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Set your children up for the new school year with a little extra goodness from Rhodes Quality – and stand the chance to win one of five bursaries worth R10 000 each!

Don’t panic, but it’s almost time to get those colourful lunch boxes out of the pantry as we prepare for the familiar back-to-school routine! Kids today are busier than ever: school, after school activities, birthday parties, sleepovers, homework, playtime, family outings, the list goes on and on. It’s vital to provide wholesome foods full of energy and nutrients to keep them going during their busiest days.

As parents, we all know that our children thrive on a healthy, balanced diet as they grow and mature, and we all try our best to provide them with good foods to nourish them while they’re at school. When time is short, making them a delicious sandwich using Rhodes Quality Jam is a good way to go – the fridge-friendly cans come with a handy resealable cap to make your life a little easier every morning!

And in this busy day and age, it can be easy to overlook what we’re providing for our children to stay hydrated while away from home. Proper hydration helps our children stay alert and focused on their busiest days, so how do we get them to drink up? By giving them options that are tasty, easily accessible and fun - thank goodness for Rhodes Quality 100% fruit juice boxes!

Keeping our kids hydrated is key, and Rhodes Quality 100% fruit juice is a super handy, essential part of a balanced lunch box. Simply pop a 200ml Rhodes Quality 100% fruit juice in their lunch box every day! It’s fun for your child and gives you peace of mind that you’re providing them with honest goodness, genuine fruit and naturally delicious nutrition at school.

Some variants of Rhodes Quality 100% fruit juices, like the delicious orange flavour, are high in vitamin C and are a great on-the-go drink solution! With over 18 fruity flavours to choose from, there will be one they love within the Rhodes Quality range.

Keep your family going with the goodness of Rhodes Quality 100% fruit juices and jams as they gear up for the new school year – and when things get busy.



If you choose Rhodes Quality for this year’s lunchboxes, you also stand a chance to win one of five bursaries worth R10 000 each. To find out more, as well as get inspiration for fun, fresh lunchboxes, go to Rhodes Quality. T&Cs apply.

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