5 minutes with Rosemary Zimu - 'The future holds bigger and better things for me'

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We get to know Savage Beauty actress Rosemary Zimu.
We get to know Savage Beauty actress Rosemary Zimu.
Photo: @rosemary_zimu/Instagram

Rosemary Zimu continues to grace our TV screens almost non-stop, effortlessly moving from one soapie or show to the next.

From previously portraying the sweet Veronica on Isidingo, Lily Juice on Scandal! and Thembeka on Generations: The Legacy to joining Kuli Roberts (Mildred) as her daughter, Warona, on The Queen and Zinhle on Savage Beauty - there’s no stopping the talented actress as she blooms right before our eyes.

What are some of your favourite moments in life?

Every time my agent calls to tell me that I’ve booked a gig. I can’t specify any individual moment because every single one of them has been a shock. And, the good feelings of the people that surround, love and support you through everything.

What has been your favourite on-set experience?

There’ve been a lot because I’ve been on many sets. But, one that I’ll never forget was when I was still on Scandal! and the creative director, Grace Mahlaba, who used to act on Backstage as Ipeleng, knew my name. I wanted to scream. I almost fainted and I wanted to shout, “OMG, Ipeleng, I love you so much!”

What has portraying Warona been like?

Toughest moment: When I had to go from the Generations set where I was portraying a 28-year-old to immediately switch to 25-year-old Warona. I had to focus and sit with my “black book” of characters, and let go of Thembeka and embrace Warona. It was tough, because I never had to do something like that before.

Highlight: Having such an amazing mom. Mildred is amazing. She’s the definition of a cool mom. The scenes with her were a highlight for me.

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How do find your balance?

I have a book with all the characteristics for all my characters, and it helps me get into their heads.

What is your favourite solo activity?

I enjoy meditating. When you’re doing it alone you have no one else to think about, but yourself. It’s just you improving your energy and working on yourself.

What are your plans for the future?

Only God knows. But, what I know is that it’s going to be greater than the present, and that’s what I’m going to work on. I’m going to do my best to make sure that my growth is seen and experienced. So, the future holds bigger and better things for me.

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