5 things we can learn from Bonang Matheba

Judd Van Rensburg
Judd Van Rensburg

Be inspired by Queen B in your life and your efforts to be the best version of you.  Here are a few takeaways from our intimate conversation with her: 

1.   On social media

·      Social media is just as important now as TV, radio and newspapers.

·      Use social media as a representation of and expansion of your brand.

2.   Being successful

·      Her definition of success is waking up every morning and doing what she loves.

·      Money and material things should never be used as the only measure of success.

3.   Sustaining relationships

·      Love wholeheartedly and make peace with getting hurt, for anything is possible when it comes to matters of the heart.

·      Never limit your happiness fearing what could go wrong.

4.   Being herself

·      People relate to you more when you’re genuine, pure and open.

·      It’s completely okay to be sad, loud, wretched and still succeed in your career. 

5.   Rising above scandal

·      Like the popular saying goes, it’s not about the number of times you fall down but how you pick yourself up.

·      Be happy at all times, because you’re worthy of happiness.

Watch the exclusive video from our cover shoot with South Africa's media darling:


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