Brian Temba on his return to acting after taking a break to focus on his new album

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Brian Temba chats to us about returning to acting and his new album.
Brian Temba chats to us about returning to acting and his new album.
Supplied to TRUELOVE

Singer and actor, Brian Temba, has just released his fourth studio album titled, It's All You. With this new album, he aims to bring back old-school music that he believes the music industry longs for.

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He tells TRUELOVE that this project took him over a year to complete because he also wanted it to reflect who he is.

“I had to take my time with it to make sure that it represents who I am and that people can relate to it,” Brain explains.

The star says the inspiration behind his latest project is old-school music that speaks about the feelings of love and nostalgia.

“When I was conceptualising this album, I wanted to hear what I believe we long for in the music industry. I wanted to feel that old-school nostalgic feeling of love. The inspiration to this album was the Motown 60s kind of sound, laced with our vernacular languages, soulful sounds and melodic vocals. I wanted the Marvin Gaye, Sam Cooke and Blondie Makhene’s kind of sound. It also had to be about love.” 

The former Muvhango actor also talks about his plans to get back into acting after taking a break to focus on his music.

“I had taken a step back from acting to focus on my music career, but now that I’m done with the album that is very close to my heart, I can now go back to acting  – but only if it doesn’t mess with my music career,” he says.

Supplied to TRUELOVE.

Like many of his industry peers, he is not immune to the challenges of the industry, such as constantly having to re-invent himself, so that his career doesn’t fizzle out.

“One of the most challenging things about being an artist in this industry is staying relevant – and still have people talk about your name or brand. I’ve seen artists come and go, and this does not mean that they were not talented. They were, but the challenges that come with this career can become too much sometimes. You constantly have to re-invent yourself,” he explains.

In an age where bookings are hard to come by as new genres of music have taken over, the need to remain financially stable is a battle that Brian grapples with. He says the need to provide for his family is the driving force behind his never-say-die attitude.

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“Unfortunately, artists, including myself, are always facing this predicament. But what drives me is not fame anymore, but the need to provide for my family and create a legacy. The money issue is very important as this is our 9-5 job, even though we have other businesses. However, I’m not in the industry for quick money because I believe that music is a calling. It’s something that I can’t just go in and out of,” he says.

He adds that he has always known that the music industry is cutthroat and what has sustained him for more than two decades is the immense love he gets from his family and fans.

“They say that this industry is not for the faint-hearted, and they’re right. What has kept me going and motivated is my family, my God-given talent and the need to be better in everything I do. I have to thank my followers for still wanting to listen to my music after 25 years of being in the industry. They also keep me motivated,” he concludes.



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