Estelle and Justin reflect on their Temptation Island SA journey

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Justin and Estelle.
Justin and Estelle.
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After a drama-filled finale last week, Temptation Island SA has returned with an even more explosive reunion which is sure to set a lot of tongues wagging.

Just after the final bonfire, TRUELOVE caught up with Estelle and Justin who had both made some connections on the island. They chat to us about these connections, their highlights in the villa and more.

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How are you feeling after everything?

Estelle: Excited to be going home together!

Justin: Happy! It’s been a long journey and it’s been hard, it’s been challenging but it’s also been an amazing journey. I’m just happy to finally be back with Estelle.

Was there any point where you feared you might not leave this island together? 

Estelle: Yes, 100%! For me there were a lot of moments where I feared that me and Justin wouldn’t be leaving this island together.

Justin: On my end as well. I obviously feel like I had my insecure and vulnerable moments where I was a bit afraid that I might lose Estelle but fortunately that wasn’t the case!

What were your lowest moments during the entire time on the island?

Estelle: I think the bonfire sessions were definitely our lowest moments because they exposed those insecurities about not leaving the island together.

Justin: The bonfires were tough on me. It’s not easy seeing another man making advances on your lady. And there were times where I felt that she may like him; otherwise she would have put him in his place long ago. But yeah, man, we got through it and that’s all that matters.

Supplied to TRUELOVE.

Was there anyone in particular who you were worried about?

Estelle: Was there anyone you were worried about, Justin?

Justin: I’m going to end up swearing at him! I only recently found out his name; his name was Uzzi. But I also realised that a lot of the time that Estelle might have spent with him, she just missed me and she saw some of the person I am in him. That was why she entertained his advances.


What were your highlights while you were living separately on the island?

Estelle: For me one of the highlights was the activities. I love adventure; I love the adrenaline rush. I want to do them again!

Justin: Yeah, for me as well, I loved the activities. I also feel like the dates were a new experience but the only unfortunate thing for me is that I wasn’t doing it with Estelle!

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Was the Temptation Island experience what you hoped it would be?

Estelle: Well, on my end, the experience on the island was exactly what I wanted to be. There was real temptation on the island. There were hot guys and there was mental temptation, physical temptation. It was a lot. Was it enough for it to break this bond [with Justin]? No, and therefore I got the answers I wanted when I first got onto the island. I dated 10 single men during this time and none of them matched up to how I feel about Justin. There was temptation, but I resisted temptation. I learned a lot about myself: that I’m very closed off, I’m very intimidating, I’ve got my scars. Those things came up during this journey and I learned how to approach things and deal with situations. I also learned that not only do I love Justin, but I am in love with Justin too.

Justin: On my end it was more of a self-rediscovery journey. I learned to fall in love with the person I am again, and in that sense I also learned how to love more and love better. I kept so much of myself back and I was limiting myself and that was unfair to my partner. I realised I can do so much more and give so much more of myself and that’s definitely going to help our relationship and who I am with her. I think when I am at my happiest, then I am at my best. I kind of missed that. I missed the person she was always showing me that I am and I am glad to finally be feeling like myself again. And because I can recognise myself, I recognise her and I see how much I do love her.

Do you think the reunion will change how you feel?

Estelle: I haven’t really thought about the reunion, but I have no doubts we’re going to stay together.

Justin: Forever Amen!

How was it when you reunited?

Estelle: Well…

Justin: We had plenty of tulula time. Tulula always makes things better. Tulula is code for – 

Estelle: WAIT! [laughs]. We couldn’t keep our hands off each other after the last night of bonfire. It was a lot! 

Find out if anything’s changed since they watched Temptation Island South Africa together at the reunion on Showmax this Thursday, 25 November 2021.

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