Minnie Dlamini opens up about the fat-shaming and pregnancy rumours

Minnie Dlamini
Minnie Dlamini
Judd Van Rensburg

Minnie attributes her healthy outlook on marriage to her parents, whom she says have set an exceptional example of how to coexist as husband and wife. She also admits to trying as best as she can to emulate them. I quiz her further on what she has learnt in the past two years of marriage and she bursts into laughter before answering, “That your wife is always right — jokes!” She, once again, waxes lyrical about how marriage has taught her to compromise and not always have things her way.

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While changing from one art piece to another, Minnie tip toes past me to fetch something from across the room. She’s lost quite a bit of weight but is still curvy and built for the gods. “You’ve lost weight,” I blurt out to which she responds radiantly, “Thank you.” At this point, I’m conflicted about delving into the fat-shaming and pregnancy rumours that did their rounds on social media almost a year after her marriage — but, I take my chance anyway. “There was nothing much I could do. I got married, got very happy and gained weight — I was in a good space,” she explains gracefully.

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