Our top 10 #Dontrushchallenge

Mihlali Ndamase
Mihlali Ndamase

Social media is abuzz with a number of #Dontrushchallenge and #shaketheroomchallenge, and we’re loving it! The challenge uses TikTok – an app that captures the user’s creativity in short-form mobile videos. It’s been heart-warming and fun to watch people get together with family and friends to make before and after challenges. From influencers and famous faces to people who are not in the public eye – everybody’s killing it!

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Check these out:

The DJ edition

The curvy girls’ edition 

The African print edition 

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The MILF edition

The men in suits edition

The beauty influencer edition

The then and now edition

The natural hair edition

The Pitoli edition

The fitness fanatics’ edition

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