Uzalo’s Nyalleng Thibedi on her new venture in the beauty industry

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Nyalleng Thibedi will soon launch her lip gloss line.
Nyalleng Thibedi will soon launch her lip gloss line.
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The latest celebrity to venture into the beauty industry is Uzalo actress, Nyalleng Thibedi.

She is getting ready to launch her own lip gloss called 'Princess Nyalleng' and tells TRUELOVE that after obtaining her qualification in chemical engineering, she knew that she wanted to launch her own beauty products and have her own cosmetics line someday.

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“When I had just graduated, my dad told me that I’d have to have a niche in what I wanted to do with my qualification," she says. 

"I had a scholarship from a mining firm and while I was working there, I found out that some of the stuff they use in make-up is actually minerals from underground and I was so fascinated by those raw materials that I got to see. That's when I realised that this is what I want to venture into eventually."

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Nyalleng decided to launch a lip gloss first because she personally prefers it to lipstick.

“I’m a person who pursues things because I like them; I always prefer using lip gloss versus lipstick," she explains.

"As I was deciding on what product to sell first, I asked myself what I liked. And I also noticed that whenever I put something out there that had my lips involved, I got positive reactions so it just made so much sense to put out a product for the lips first."

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Although the actress does not manufacture the lip gloss herself, she says that her background in chemical engineering helped her to carefully select what would go into the lip gloss and helped her to choose a manufacturer that would produce a high quality product.

She tells us that her journey into this venture was not without challenges.

“Rejection is a problem in general; when you go to people with an idea, they don’t always meet it with positivity - especially if you're bold enough to put your name on it," she says. 

"I’ve found that people get turned off by that and I don’t know why. So I’ve had to really sit with the idea, let it marinate and decide if I was going to go with it this way, considering the rejection I’ve experienced. I’ve heard a lot of NOs and I decided to keep going until I got what I wanted."

The 'Princess Nyalleng' lip glosses will come in two main shades: a bright pink shade as well as a nude/chocolate shade.

“We’re still playing around with different shades but for now, I’ve put a stamp on the bright pink and nude shades. I thought these shades would be great for every type of skin tone,” she said.

Supplied to TRUELOVE.

Creating other products, such as lipstick, is also on the cards for the actress who's planning to launch her lip gloss online later this year.

“I don’t really like to divulge what I’ll be doing before it actually happens, but I do have a lot of things in the pipeline and I can’t wait for people to see the real me. For now, my fans can look forward to purchasing the lip gloss when it launches and of course seeing me on their screens,” she says.




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