Zikhona Sodlaka opens up about shooting Blood & Water (Season 2) while heavily pregnant

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Actress Zikhona Sodlaka
Actress Zikhona Sodlaka
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In the highly anticipated second season of Blood & Water, actress Zikhona Sodlaka is introduced as a counselor at the Parkhurst High School.

“I play the role of Janet Nkosana, who is a school counselor at Parkhurst High. She’s also the mother of Sam, who is a new student at the same school. She is the kind woman whom students can easily confide in. But it’s later discovered that she’s somehow involved in the not-so-clean world of human trafficking and it’s revealed why she is really at the school,” says Zikhona.

She tells TRUELOVE that shooting the series while pregnant was interesting.

“It was the most interesting thing I’ve ever done in my adult life. Physically, it was a challenging experience. I became heavier, but my feet carried me until my final month of pregnancy while shooting,” she explains.

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However, her working hours were reduced to accommodate her pregnancy. “My hours were shorter than usual. I was working the same hours a child does on set. However, it was highly fulfilling. It was the most honest I have ever been while working on a character. So, yes, I took naps when I could and ate a lot. Just not needing to hold my stomach in while shooting was also a very welcome change,” she explains.

Zikhona Sodlaka and her baby.

Zikhona says viewers can expect riveting story-telling in the second season of the series. “They can expect a fuller story that dissects the lives of the ‘sisters’, and what it’s like to uncover your true identity. The story also involves the parents of the children a little bit more this time around, giving a fuller view of the ins and outs of the lives of our favourite characters. It also touches on how the abduction happened and more. It gives more details about what happened to a young lady who lost her sister,” she adds.

Having a baby during a pandemic was very humbling, but I adapted

Zikhona, who is proud to be a mom, says motherhood has been kind to her. She explains that it has taught her to be more patient and brave.

“It has made me more brave. I can now face my fears more than I used to. I now understand that life is for the living. I have also become a bit more patient. I am more present or at least I try to be. I have come to learn that as challenging as motherhood can be, it is also one of the greatest life lessons and the most introspective time in a woman’s life. Having a baby during a pandemic was very humbling, but I adapted. Both of us are healthy and learning as we go.”

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The birth of her son has encouraged her not to give up on herself and to believe that she can still go after the things she wants to achieve.

“I’m happy that my son has come into my life and reminded me not to give up on myself. This has taught me that I deserve to be who I want to be or to continue to strive for that. When your child arrives, they remind you that in order to take care of them, you must take care of yourself first – and earning a living is one of those basic needs."

Zikhona Sodlaka

She adds that the perks of her job is that she is not always on set.

"Most days, I am off or working from home, which gives me time to be with my son. I also enjoy the fact that I can go work for him and me, which is always fulfilling,” she concludes.

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