6 things bridesmaids wish they could tell brides, but really shouldn’t


‘I’ll probably never wear the dress again’

More often than not, bridesmaid’s dresses are worn once and never again. In fact, you can’t wait for the end of the event to take it off. And, because your opinion doesn’t really matter, you agree to wearing anything that makes the bride happy as it’s their day not yours. And in most cases, you pay for it too!

You want to wear your old shoes

Unless the photographer is focused on the little details such as your shoes, they’re the last thing the guest’s will ever notice. Instead of paying an arm and a leg for a new pair of shoes, why not wear your old pair that coordinates well with the dress?

‘Why is she overreacting?’

Situations such as the dressmaker not having the right shade of pink will have you questioning why your BFF is overreacting so much. However, you sympathise  because you don’t want to be the insensitive one in the bunch.

‘Can I skip the dress fittings?’

Naturally brides want everything to be perfect, hence the many dress fitting appointments you’ll have to attend. For you, the perfect scenario would be that you fit the dress once it’s done and make adjustments if necessary on the very day.

‘But I don’t know the others’

The most awkward thing is being part of a bridal party with people you don’t know. You probably wish you could skip the bachelorette party, straight to the main event and go relax with people in your actual clique.

‘Please make up your mind’

Brides can go up to ten appointments looking for a perfect dress. At times they’re genuinely struggling to find one and sometimes they’re just not prepared to make the decision at that partcular moment. Sadly for you, you have endure all those trips with a smile on your face.

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