EXCLUSIVE: Bonang talks to us about how her exclusive T-shirt range is taking off

Images: Jacques Weyers
Images: Jacques Weyers

In an exclusive interview, she gave us insight into BONANG by Bonang Matheba.

“I was so overwhelmed with emotion, I remember crying for what felt like about ten minutes, and it was tears of joy.”

Of course, Mo’Ghel and #iamBonang had to be some of the chosen slogans for her BONANG by Bonang Matheba collection. Any fan of the show could easily recite a lengthy list to make up the Bonang lingo – so how to choose just three for the collection?

It had to be the ones that felt most personal, and that stand for the relationship she has with her B Force. It was when Being Bonang evolved from a reality show to an influential force in pop culture that Queen B realised it was time to create this collection.

She sees it as a way to commemorate this moment in her life, and of course to “give the people what they want” – that’s my favourite one.

Why a T-shirt range

If you look past the gorgeous gowns Queen B wears on red carpets, her style is in fact refreshingly simple. “I’m a jeans kinda girl, I always start with a beautiful pair of jeans and then build the look from there. I like to style my jeans according to how I feel.”

With this debut ready-to-wear collection, Bonang’s legacy can now hang in B Force closets across the country, styled for countless #spreegallery moments, and used as a visible symbol of solidarity. It’s yet another defining moment in Bonang’s career – one that drove her to tears when she arrived on her Spree set and saw the tees in person for the first time.

As much as she loves taking a moment to appreciate her success, or to think about paying it forward, Bonang’s mind continues to work at light speed, planning her next move.

Future plans

She articulates her intentions of growing BONANG by Bonang Matheba to a place where it will “take over the world.” "Hopefully it will expand to tracksuits and hoodies and swimwear,” she muses. “I mean the list goes on and on. We’re building an empire, darling."

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