Orah Banyini-Dube: founder of fashion brand, Tallit Wear

Orah Banyini-Dube, founder of women's clothing brand, Tallit Wear.
Orah Banyini-Dube, founder of women's clothing brand, Tallit Wear.

Modern, fresh, feminine, striking - these are just a few words that come to mind when looking at Tallit Wear clothing. The contemporary womenswear brand, founded by fashion entrepreneur Orah Banyini-Dube, is targeted at modern, sophisticated, and feminine women. 

Originally from Tzaneen, Limpopo, Banyini-Dube now operates her business from Northcliff, Johannesburg, where she has a production and online support team that she employs. So, where did this all start? 

"I am a lover of fashion, and when I am wearing beautifully tailored outfit - it gives me confidence and makes me feel good," Banyini-Dube tells us. 

"I wanted to share this feeling with other women and that is how Tallit Wear was born. Our clothes are made to order and this allows us to tailor make each garment to the customers exact size.

Creating a good quality garment is very important, but we also ensure that we complement our products with great customer service. As a result, we enjoy a lot of repeat business and most of our new customers are referrals; this is what makes Tallit Wear a growing brand."

We recently had a chat with her to find out more about her growing brand and her business journey.

Who is Tallit Wear targeted at and what makes it unique?

The brand is targeted at a modern and urban woman. A Tallit woman is strong, feminine and sophisticated. The material, quality of workmanship, and the finishes of our garments make us stand out from the competition. Our signature maxi dresses are easily identifiable by the amount of flair and a comfortable fit. We put a lot of emphasis on brand experience. We care about how our customers feel before and after sales.

What are you inspired by at the moment and how does it feed into your work?

The spring season is about renewal, boldness and bright colours. Our designs during this time are inspired by the changing nature around us. This finds expression in the prints and textures of the materials we use.

How was the business funded?

The business was funded from savings. We started really small and that allowed us to work with the small budget we had. At the very beginning I outsourced the manufacturing part of the business and this allowed me to focus on marketing and getting the brand out there. When the business started to pick up, I hired staff and in-sourced manufacturing – growing from a 1 staff to a 8 staff compliment now.

Here's a look at a few Tallit Wear creations: 

Tallit Wear
Orah Banyini-Dube
Tallit Wear.
Tallit Wear.
Tallit Wear.
Tallit Wear.
Tallit Wear.
Tallit Wear.
Tallit Wear.
Tallit Wear.

What have been the highlights and challenges of the business, and how did you overcome the challenges?

One the highlights was being featured on Selimathunzi and national newspapers such as City Press, The Citizen and the Sowetan. We also provided wardrobes for TV shows such The Herd, Trending SA and The River.

One notable challenge in this business is limited supply of textile material. This limits the range and the style of garments we are able to produce. We are, however, in the process of establishing contacts with international textile suppliers to have a more reliable supply chain, offering us a wider textile range.

What are your plans for the future plans?

We have big plans for the business.  In the short term, we plan to scale the business by ramping up back-office, increasing staff headcount, acquire factory space and investing in advanced manufacturing equipment to increase our production

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